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We define Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as our commitment to work as partners with all our stakeholders to effectively improve the quality of life of the members of our workforce, their families and the local communities within the vicinity of our plant.

Contemporary and Projected CSR Contributions

FPCDL has planned to bring sustainability in its interventions and aims at achieving the desired standards of CSR in the times ahead and endeavors to project itself in line with the vision of a responsible corporate entity.

We focus on specific societal issues, including: -

  • The Environment
  • Community Economic Development
  • Rehabilitation & Relief (Natural Calamities)
  • Healthcare (Polio Campaign etc.)
  • Education Support Facilities
  • Vocational and Technical skills programme for women of remote areas/surrounding villages.
  • Clean drinking water.

We believe that environment protection is our first and foremost priority. The installed Combined Cycle Power Plant (Gas Turbine of GE, USA & Steam Turbine of Fuji, Japan) employs modern technology under strict international and environment friendly standards. We work hard to respect and improve the local population’s living conditions and to shield the natural environment from deterioration caused by human development. We ensure that: -

  • Environmental impacts of the project are of an acceptable level.
  • There are no major environmental constraints on the project.
  • The project makes good use of a valuable resource of the country i.e. low BTU gas having least domestic and commercial utilization.
  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Ensuring the health and safety of FPCDL employees, workers and contractors, likely to be affected by the Company's operations is one of the basic corporate objectives.
  • The Company's Human Resource Division (HRD) monitors HSE compliance on regular basis while HRD Site ensures that HSE requirements are met at the site as per desired standards. Use of relevant safety equipment at work is mandatory for workers. Adequate resources are made available to ensure the success of HSE policy.

FPCDL represents a significant contributor to national and local economy, as: -

  • Foreign investment in an infrastructure project
  • Supplies electricity
  • Significant local operations & maintenance spending
  • Important source of tax payer to the national and provincial governments
  • Significant employment opportunities
  • Flood relief goods amounting to Rs.1,221,586/- for flood victims were handed over to Speaker National Assembly at Badin on behalf of MD FPCDL for distributing the same to flood affectees of the area on humanitarian grounds.
  • Rs.100,000/- donation was deposited in Prime Minister Flood Relief Fund as contribution from FPCDL employees.
  • KEPCO KPS, South Korea (FPCDL O&M Operator) has donated US$40,000/- for Prime Minister Flood Relief Fund.
  • An amount of Rs.390,000/- were paid to District Administration Ghotki for dewatering of water logged residential areas after the rainfalls/floods etc.

On the request of District Management Ghotki, support in terms of goods, POL and transport is being provided for Polio/Measles campaigns from time to time.

  • Education Support Facilities
  • Vocational and Technical Skills for women of Remote Areas/Surrounding Villages
  • Clean Drinking Water

The company has planned to take a humble start towards welfare of the people residing within the vicinity of our power plant. Accordingly, electric water cooler, furniture, fans etc. for schools and sewing / knitting machines for vocational training centers will be provided in the near future. Moreover, provision of clean drinking water has also been planned for the nearby villages.

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