PROUD   TO   SERVE   THE   NATION........                                                                                                                      LETS   GROW   AS   PROSPEROUS   NATION.......                                                                                                                     ANOTHER   STEP   OF   FAUJI   FOUNDATION   TOWORD   BETTER   EMPLOYMENT   OPPORTUNITIES   FOR   OUR   SINDHI   BROTHERS.....


To become Ďthe leading professional Independent Power Producer in Pakistan.í


To make reliable and long-term contributions in Pakistanís energy sector by producing cost effective electricity and ensuring that existing / future contractual, operational and regulatory parameters are accomplished.


Help in meeting the growing energy deficit in Pakistan by adding 180 MW to the National Grid.

Higher energy efficiency in Pakistanís electricity generation mix, through the commissioning of a dual cycle, low-BTU gas fired plant with its own assured domestic gas supply through MPCL.

To set the precedence for further development of IPPs to provide impetus to the Government of Pakistanís plans for expansion in generation capacity, as set out in the countryís Medium Term Development Framework.

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